Self Tipping Waste Bin with Castors

This range of self tipping bins is suited mainly for waste handling applications. Simply load the bins up, take them on the forklift to your main waste bin and dump the load. The castors allow you to manoeuvre the bin around your work process without getting a forklift.

Lugs included for unloading empty nested bins.

  • 750kg SWL
  • Painted Finish

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Capacity Fork Pocket Size Fork Pocket Centers Qty
Tipping Bin with Castors CCSD9-C 1570 x 1010 x 1010 + 190mm for castors 950L 185W x 73mmH 340mm
Tipping Bin with Castors CCSD12-C 1570L x 1310W x 1010H + 190mm for castors 1250L 185W x 73mmH 635mm