Storeman® Workstation Stainless Bench Range

This unique workstation workbench with cupboards range is ideal for workplaces that need to create lean, efficient workspaces. The large variety of options ensures you can get the best option to suit your application. A range of backboard and tool storage options also help ensure you can have the best layout of your tools.

The Containit Workstation Stainless Bench Range is a premium workbench with storage available underneath. This workbench system offers a huge storage capacity in 6 different configurations. Whether you require drawers on both sides, a cupboard on one side or even cupboards on both sides you can achieve ultimate storage capacity under stainless worktop. The massive benefits of drawer storage is the huge volume of storage capacity you generate by removing most of the airspace under the drawer. In addition to that it’s actually useable space because when you pull the drawer out you can see everything that’s in there without having to bend into a cupboard or sift through shelves. Within the drawers we have a huge range of both metal bench and plastic compartment options ranging from 6 compartments right up to 99 compartments! Where you’re storing bolts and nuts, electrical spares, small gearboxes, fuses or tools these drawers are the ideal solution. The storage cupboard systems are ideal for where bulky products that aren’t suitable for drawers are being stored such as large filters. Each cupboard comes with a mid height shelf with 4 heavy duty adjustable brackets meaning you can quickly and easily configure it to suit your specific application. This series is offered with the stainless worktop with is useful in so many different applications. We also have stainless benchtops and ply benchtops available so that your specific needs are sorted. To ensure maximum utilisation of space and to create the most efficient workstation for your area we have multiple different backboard solutions available to suit the benches. From a lockable uptop tool cabinet, to open square hole backboard, mixed tool and bucket storage, lighting or even a splashback we have a massive range to resolve your specific challenges. Workbenches that are well setup help create better efficiencies whilst also making your staffs job easier and the quality finish of the Containit workstations mean that they can be proud of their world class storage area. Whilst there is often a focus on having world class corporate office fitouts it’s also crucial to create a workshop that your team enjoys and is proud to work in.

  • Stainless Steel Workbench Top
  • Anti-tilt Safety Lockouts only allows 1 drawer to open per cabinet
  • 100% heavy duty extension runners
  • Maximum 140kg Per Drawer
  • Drawer Key Locking System
  • Full Range of Adjustable drawer dividers/compartment options
  • NOTE: Castors available – Just add “-C” to the end of the below workstation codes
  • 4 Drawer, Drawer Front Heights (mm): 1 x 125, 1 x 150, 1 x 200, 1 x 250
  • 7 Drawer, Drawer Front Heights (mm): 6 x 100, 1 x 125

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Qty
Storeman® Workstation Stainless Bench Range CHD-7DCST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CHD-4DCST (4 Drawer & Cupboard Workstation with Stainless Worktop) CHD-4DCST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CHD-CCST (2 x Cupboard Workstation with Stainless Worktop) CHD-CCST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CHD-47DPT (4 Drawer & 7 Drawer Workstation with Stainless Worktop) CHD-47DST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CHD-7DCST (2 x 7 Drawer Cabinet Workstation with Stainless Worktop) CHD-27DST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CHD-24DST (2 x 4 Drawer Cabinet Workstation with Stainless Worktop) CHD-24DST 2020L x 760D x 910H
CWB-202SB (Black Splashback for 2020mmW workstations) CWB-202SB 2020L x 100H
CHD-WB (Backboard to suit 2020mmW workstations) CHD-WB 2020L x 910H
CHD-CAB (Clear Sliding door cabinet for 2020mmW workstations) CHD-CAB 2020L x 930H