Spring Lift Pallet Positioners with Turntable

The spring lift pallet positioners are a versatile handling solution and combined with their turntable on top reduce wasted efforts whilst reducing injury risks in many workplace. Whilst in many applications our electric lift tables are the best solution for where precise raising and lowering is required these economical spring lift tables often an economical safety solution which have proved highly beneficial in warehouses and workshops right across Australia.

Available in both Powdercoat and galvanized to ensure your specific requirements are catered for these heavy duty units are versatile and can be adapted to your application. The springs are able to be changed to allow the table to meet a ratio that is closest to your requirements. Whilst not every requirement can be met with this spring design, this design is perfect for applications of high repetition for the same or similar loads are being added and removed from standard Australian pallets.

These spring pallet positioners are designed to raise as you remove boxes off the pallet reducing bending and lower as you add boxes to the pallet. The turntable design allows you to easily turn the table to the spot you require to save you walking around to the other side of the pallet.

Although only an economical manual handling solution, this pallet positioner has reduced many back injuries through reducing bending, twisting, turning and other potential repetitive strain injuries. We also have a full range of other materials handling equipment which can be used in conjunction with this system allowing you to provide a safer workplace environment for your team.

  • Designed to keep top layer of pallet at or above waist level to help prevent bending
  • Supplied with 3 springs, helping provide adjustment for different loads
  • Supplied flatpacked but can be supplied assembled on request
  • Handles loads up to 2000kg
  • Top turn turntable allows operators to spin load to where they are standing
  • 1100mm table diameter
  • 240-705mm table height variance

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Spring Lift Pallet Positioners with Turntable 1 CSLPP-2P
Spring Lift Pallet Positioners with Turntable 2 CSLPP-2G