Double Length Post & Pipe Stillage

Double length post and pipe stillages are ideal for storage of many long and awkward items including plumbing & electrical pipes, steel posts, carpet rolls, timber posts, etc. The special design of these units has a removeable rail for easy loading/unloading of items into the stillages where required.

These units can be stacked up to 4 high inside your warehouse for ultimate space saving. Each unit is rated to 1000Kg WLL evenly distributed. This stillage is supplied Flatpacked for freight savings but their design ensures easy assembly.

Containment of long and awkward parts can be a massive safety and manual handling challenge. Stillages can help to manage your risk through safer and engineered safety solutions.

If you require a caged stillage please check out the rest of our range as we have over 30 pallet cage and stillage models in stock.

  • Ideal for storage of long items
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Stackable
  • Forkliftable and include anti-tipping bars

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) SWL (UDL) Qty
cpps2-1200-double-stillage CPPS2-750 2200L x 1160 x 750 High 1000Kg stacked 4 High
cpps2-1200-double-stillage CPPS2-1200 2200L x 1160 x 1200 High 1000Kg stacked 4 High