1010 Series Storeman® Workstation Cabinets with Sloping Tool Board

  • High Quality Powdercoat Finish & workmanship
  • Allows for easy storage and viewing of tools
  • Lockable
  • Full Range of Tool holders available

The Containit workstation cabinet with sloping tool board is the ideal workshop cabinet where a lean program such as the 5S program is being utilised. This heavy duty workshop cabinet allows tools to be effectively stored and easily accessed when required so that your tools are where you need them when you need them.

With efficiency and productivity becoming more important in today’s competitive environment smart tool storage is becoming more critical. These cabinets which incorporate the pegboard tool storage systems is a great way to allow visual storage so that your team can easily identify where the tools are and find it easier to put away for storage.

Containit Solutions also has a large range of tool hooks to ensure your tool storage is done in the best possibly way. Each of the heavy duty tool storage hooks fits onto the Containit tool cabinet storage range.

We also have tool board systems that can be fixed to a frame or wall system. These tool storage boards have folded edges and reinforcing channels to ensure safe wall tool storage. The 26 tool hooks that fit into the tool boards have suitable for a huge range of materials and tools from hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, cordless tools, power tools, V belts, spray cans, rags and more!

Without correct tool storage systems in place your workshop or warehouse will struggle to remain organised and efficient. Having your tools ready for use when you’re ready to work is critical for workshop productivity.

Contact us today to discuss the best industrial tool storage system option for your workshop or warehouse storage area.

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Qty
1010 Series Storeman® Workstation Cabinets with Sloping Tool Board CWSTB-C 1010W x 485D x 2000H
1010 Series Storeman® Workstation Cabinets with Sloping Tool Board CWSTB-S 1010W x 485D x 2000H
CHD-STW 200mm High