Mobile Field Maintenance Tool Storage Workbench Systems

Tool cabinets, mobile workbenches, workstation drawer cabinets, computer cabinets, tool hanging boards, workshop lockers, workbench drawers and heavy duty cupboards are all important to assist in improving productivity and organisation across warehouses, workshops, stores, maintenance areas, DC’s and more.

5S, six sigma and other lean manufacturing programs are becoming more common in businesses as throughput and efficiency become key to companies long term viability. Heavy duty workshop storage equipment such as mobile workbenches is one of the ways that parts storage, tool storage, tool organisation and packing can be made not only easier but also look more professional.

When buying workshop storage equipment that you want to last for long term over multiple shifts it’s important that you buy heavy duty storage systems. At Containit Solutions we ensure we provide our customers best value for all items including heavy duty drawers, heavy duty workbenches, heavy duty tool storage and heavy duty tool lockers.

There is huge range of workbench options in Australia but choosing the right option that is going to last long term as well as being cost effective can be challenging. Containit Solutions is the designer, importer and manufacturer of quality storage systems that provide workplaces more value for their budget. When your workbench needs to be a mobile workbench, have a backboard for tool storage, have Underbench drawers or require a galvanized workbench top Containit Solutions has a full range of quality storage systems.