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Storage of small parts is critical in most workplaces and the Containit range of parts storage bins is a popular way to solve the storage challenges associated with small parts.

The Containit 400 series plastic parts bins with dividers are a versatile parts bins and are ideal for a huge range of different storage applications. Whether you’re storing nuts and bolt on shelving, irrigation fittings or critical spares these plastic storage bins are a great solution. These boxes are a heavy duty solution that can be carried loaded with parts. Each bin includes 2 dividers with additional dividers available if required. This buckets series is commonly used in our storage bins and shelves range know as the Easy Rack series.

The collapsible plastic parts bins are popular in warehouse and parts store applications where the bins are being utilised as a pick location and not required to be carried around loaded with inventory. Their collapsible design makes them very economic to freight around Australia and also mean they can be stored away when not in use. These parts bin come in a large 600mm deep option as well as the smaller option and are ideal for bulky items such as filters. Traditionally bulky stock items haven’t been stored in parts bins but the benefit is they help ensure a dedicated bin located with can then be entered in your ERP system for the warehouse team picking sheet.

The stackable plastic parts bins are a heavy duty plastic single piece design ideal for applications where they will be regularly carried loaded with parts and subject to rough treatment.

Small parts are easy to lose, get mixed or out of order but by utilising plastic parts boxes you can get your storage systems in order. Not only is inventory control important from a cost saving perspective in today’s environment with lengthy supply times of many crucial parts globally, stock has become a valuable commodity that is not to be taken for granted. Downtime in many plants costs thousands of dollars an hour and more in some applications!

The team at Containit look forward to discussing your parts storage application. Most industrial storage applications require a mix of solutions to achieve the best outcome and our experienced team are able to help you make the best purchasing decision for buying parts storage systems for your application whether that be a warehouse, workshop, parts store, distribution centre etc.