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“Forklift work platforms are not only very handy they help you comply with Australian Standards and safety regulations. Safety cages for forklifts are an easy way to lift personnel up to safely carry out short duration tasks and occasional applications. These forklift safety cages help protect staff or contractors being injured in a workplace accident that will possibly occur if they aren’t lifted in a cage that is manufactured in accordance with AS 2359.1.

The use of a work platform on a forklift truck should not be considered if the capacity is under 1825Kg for a counterbalanced forklift type or 1095Kg for a reach type forklift. It’s important to discuss the forklift attachment being used with your forklift provider to ensure suitability and so the details can be added to the rating plate on your forklift. Compliance with Australian Standards is critical in any activity and forklifts being classified as a high risk work activity make the details absolutely critical with the associated risks.