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Containit Solutions has a full range of pallet jacks to suit your specific requirements including electric pallet jacks and manual hand pallet jacks. Commonly also known as pallet trucks this rage is designed to help improve handling of pallets around your workplace and reduce handling and safety risks.

The pallet jack is a very useful piece of equipment found in most warehouses and workshops. The hand pallet truck in the Containit range has a 2500Kg maximum working capacity and the two electric options have a 1500Kg maximum working capacity. Whilst the manual pallet jack is an economical option the two electric options help provide massive safety and handling benefits. The electric lift and drive systems in the units remove operator effort and in turn helps your workplace reduce handling and safety risks. These units also include an emergency reverse button design to auto drive the unit away if the button hits the user.

Whilst a forklift is the most common solution particular in high volume applications for moving pallets around your warehouse there is times where forklifts can’t fit into certain areas. The other benefits of the electric pallet trucks is that they’re a much more economical solution then a forklift as well as reducing forklift and human interactions which is the cause of many workplace incidents.

The Containit Solutions team are experts in helping assess your range of manual handing risks and have a full suite of materials handling solutions to suggest to assist in reducing the risks you face in your work environment. We look forward to working through your challenges and providing a range of high quality industrial handling and storage equipment.