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Storeman® Easy Rack Shelving with Small Parts Buckets

The Storeman range of easy rack small parts storage shelving systems is ideal for any warehouse and workshop environment wanting to condense their storage footprint, reduce picking time, reduce inventory loss and improve the quality of their working environment. The easy rack range is made up of 4 different racks helping to cater for a wide range of storage requirements. The small, medium, large and mixed bucket configurations are all supplied with 2 dividers per bucket with extra dividers available to ensure that your storage footprint is optimized in the best way possible.

The easy rack storage shelving range is a modular systems which not only allows it to be joined together improving aesthetics but it also connects with our bolt rack storage systems and standard easy rack shelving systems. All units are finished in a quality Powdercoat system and have a range of accessories available to help ensure your workplace is setup to world class standards.