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Cantilever racking is a heavy duty storage system designed for storage of long, awkward and irregular stock and equipment such as timber, pipe, planks, tubing, carpet, poles and more. This system is ideal for storage of both stock for sale and also stock required for packing areas and manufacturing bays. The small series Cantilever racks offered by Containit Solutions are available in a variety of configurations. It’s modular design allows both back to back storage, specific quantity of arms and also a variety of bracing patterns depending on the length and wait of the specific items you’re looking to store.

The popular Powdercoated small series cantilever racking is a popular size that solves many warehouse and workshop operational challenges but we can also provide large Powdercoated cantilever racks for indoor projects and small and large cantilever racks with a galvanized finish for outdoor storage. Cantilever racking when utilised in outdoor areas has wind loading factors and stresses to consider as well as potential weather damage to your products resulting in most sites choosing the more popular Powdercoated cantilever racks for undercover storage.

Containit has a huge range of different storage rack designs available to assist in smart industrial storage. With real estate values soaring throughout Australia and the cost of relocating an industrial site either expensive or not viable it’s critical to ensure that the best storage systems are utilised to prevent disruption to your workplace. Whilst some workplaces choose to run multiple sites with a close km radius the inefficiency and challenges of managing acceptable output far outweighs the cost of implementing quality industrial storage systems that will maximise the footprint of your site. We look forward to discussing the rack design that will be suit your specific storage requirement.