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Bunded Storeman® Longspan Shelving

Storage of oil drums in workplaces is a challenge both in terms of compliance and also for storage footprint. The Containit range of bunded shelving incorporates a spill tray into each shelf level ensuring that your bunding volume requirements are met but also so that in the case of where a spill actually occurs that it’s doesn’t flow over other equipment resulting in a time consuming clean-up operation but it also allows the liquids to be easily drained or pumped from the spill tray in a controlled manner. Organizations are also using the bunded shelving systems for storage of equipment such as whipper snippers, brush cutters and other equipment that is used in site applications but often leak in storage resulting in untidy and uncompliant work areas. Containit now also offers the bunded shelving inside a lockable cage for applications where security of stock and equipment is possible to be compromised.

How to best solve compliance and storage of oil in your workplace can often be a challenge and the experienced team at Containit look forward to guiding you through the journey both of your oil storage requirements and also other industrial storage requirements you and the team have to deal with.