Mesh Decking and Other Accessories

Apart from our shelving products, we offer mesh and wire decks for storage racks and shelving systems. These accessories are beneficial as they reduce dust and dirt build-up in your shelves and they allow better light distribution in the warehouse. In the case of fire, mesh decking allows fire sprinkler systems to distribute water more evenly throughout the place.

Simple Shopping and Purchase Process

From start to finish, we do our best to make it easy for you. We provide an online inventory of all our shelving systems and accessories. You can browse for a shelving system while you’re at the office. With our four-step quote request process, we make shopping easier for you. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll receive all the information about a product that you want to purchase. Moreover, we have a team of trained sales representatives who will guide you throughout the process to make sure you’ll purchase the shelving system or accessory that suits your needs.

With our dedication to supplying our customers with quality products, expect efficient service from us. Let us help you improve the safety and efficiency of your workplace with our selection of industrial shelving units and racking systems and accessories.

Why Choose Containit Solutions?

Containit Solutions manufactures, imports, and provides shelving Solutions, systems and accessories. We make sure that every racking system and accessory we provide meets or exceeds our quality standards. After all, we understand how important shelving products are for storage facilities. We implement quality control at all times.

Contact the Containit team who are happy to assist with all your enquiries. For more information download our complete shelving and shelving accessories.



Heavy Duty Long Span Shelving & Storage Racking Solutions

Longspan shelving and racking systems are made of steel that is lightweight yet strong, making shelving systems easy to setup to move without sacrificing on strength and performance. They can also hold a variety of tools, parts and inventory – designed to suit a wide variety of storage needs.

Our longspan racking systems provide the ideal storage solutions for items that cannot be stored in standard pallet racking, which require a pickface style storage application. The storage shelving units are also easy to assemble, providing you with immediate access to all unit loads.

Longspan Racking System & Accessories

Shelving and racking systems are must-haves in warehouses and storage facilities. Because of demand for these products, Containit Solutions offers a range of shelving systems and accessories, including the popular Storeman® shelving. With these products, warehouse owners and staff improve the efficiency, use of space, and safety of their workplace.

Full Range of long span shelving systems

Containit Solutions has a full range of shelving systems for warehouses, workshops and other workplace storage applications. Shelving systems are a fantastic way to better organise your tools, parts, stock and generally improve your use of space. Containit Solutions have a large range of shelving systems including; Longspan Shelving Systems, Longspan Shelving with Storage Containers, Longspan Shelving with Plastic Buckets, Longspan Shelving with MDF storage shelves, Longspan Shelving with Mesh Decks, storage cabinets and shelves, heavy duty storage shelves, warehouse shelving, workshop shelving,  Bunded Longspan Shelving and Lockable Longspan Shelving.

We deliver all over Australia. Although we service all major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra and Hobart, we also service anywhere within NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, NT, ACT and TAS.