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Vertical tool storage is one the most compact high density storage systems available with 6m of wall storage being able to be condensed to just 1 metre.

Although Tool stores are often only allocated a very small space within a workplace their have a crucial role to play in keeping an organisation rolling smoothly. A disorganised tool store results in maintenance and workshop staff waiting for tools which in turn results in equipment taking longer to be back into operation. A well organised tool store can get the tools and parts for the team faster which ensures that it isn’t a bottleneck to the maintenance and workshop crews success.

Other applications where visual tool is preferred at a glance means that Containit also offers a large range of other tool storage systems as well but for applications where space and storage density are critical the Vertical Tool Storage locker is the ultimate storage solution. We also offer a large range of tool holders to suit these tool boards. The 26 different options means that you can setout your tools in the way that best suits your workplace.

As always it’s often good to combine a mix of storage solutions and industrial tool storage is no different. In addition to the Vertical Tool Storage Systems that Containit offers we also have high density drawers, workstation workbenches, Tool Storage Lockers, Workstation lockers, flight line storage cabinets, tool trolleys, maintenance trolleys, linefeed trolleys and tool storage boards. We look forward to specifying the best solution for your industrial storage application.

The vertical drawers can also be used with shelves instead of tool boards and utilised with our plastic parts buckets. The vertical drawer units have 3 pull-out drawers and each drawer can have either shelves or tool boards meaning that there is a configuration to suit your specific storage requirement.