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1010 Series Workshop Workstation Lockers

Industrial storage lockers are a popular solution for workshop and maintenance areas either for crew lockers or individual lockers. Industrial workstation lockers are ideal for storage of a mixture of both tools and parts so that you can have your equipment and materials in your work area when you need them. They aren’t a replacement for bulk parts storage in high density drawer cabinets or a replacement for your tool store, they’re designed to ensure that your crew has what they need for their specific regular tasks.

The Containit range includes 4 storage lockers, all of which are available with steel doors or alternatively with Perspex doors for work areas that are wanting a visual storage system such as where 5S has been implemented and your workshop are is world class. The 4 configurations include a 3 drawer unit, a 6 drawer unit, a full tool panel unit and a full shelf unit. These 4 configurations ensure that whether your work area has more of a focus on parts or more of a tool storage requirement that we have the workshop locker to assist.

The heavy duty locker units that include drawers are all supplied with 9 compartments per drawer for optimal organisation and all 4 units include a skid base design ensuring that your tool storage locker is easy to position in your work area. All lockers come in the Containit blue colour scheme to ensure your workshop has a consistent professional appearance that fits in with your world class organization.

The team at Containit Solutions looks forward to discussing your industrial storage application whether that be in your workshop, maintenance shed or your warehouse.