Containit Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of Dangerous Goods Storage solutions. Correct Storage of Dangerous Goods is critical to the protection of people, the environment and our property and is also a requirement of many insurance policies. Containit Solutions Dangerous Goods Storage Solutions include; Indoor and Outdoor chemical Storage cupboards and cabinets, Outdoor Relocatable Dangerous Goods Stores for 205L drums and IBCs, We have Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinets for class 3 flammable liquids, Class 5.1 Oxidising Agents, Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides, Class 6 Toxic Substances and Class 8 Corrosive Substances.

Containit Solutions Gas Storage Solutions include; Gas Cylinder Storage Cages, Aerosol Storage Cages and Cabinets, 9Kg and 18Kg Gas Bottle Stores, Gas Cylinder Transport cages, Gas Cylinder Trolleys. We have Gas Storage Solutions for LPG, Forklift Gas Bottles, Welding Gases, Acetylene, Argon, Argon Shield, Industrial Gases, Oxygen, Inert Gases, CO2, Carbon Dioxide. We cover for all types of cylinder sizes including 9Kg, 18kg, 45kg, 90kg and more.

Let ContainIt Solutions assist you with your Dangerous Goods Chemical and Gas Storage Projects and general requirements.