Storeman® Easy Rack Nut and Bolt Storage Shelving

Our Storeman Easy Rack is the perfect bolt storage solution for all types of small parts. It is a convenient addition to workshops and warehouses in need of heavy duty parts storage.

Each one of our nut and bolt storage systems is manufactured to the highest standards. You can adjust the dividers with ease to accommodate more items, allowing you to store a large variety of parts. These heavy duty bolt storage units are ideal for storage of many bolt sizes.

The Storeman Easy Rack is a reliable, high-performance nut and bolt rack that provides outstanding quality at a competitive price. Completely modular, you can add and remove bays as your storage requirements change. The adjustable dividers make you flexible to set up.

  • Adjustable dividers
  • Add Bays to suit your needs
  • 215 SWL Evenly Distributed Per Shelf
  • Quality powdercoated finish

Features and Uses

The Storeman Easy Rack Bolt Storage Shelving is your bolt storage solution for the most challenging environments. Our shelf is at home in any workshop, warehouse or other type of industrial facility, with a powerful, robust construction that is not only durable but offers exceptional strength and stability.

With Storeman Easy Rack, its design distributes up 215kg of safe working load (SWL) that is evenly distributed per shelf.

Modular and adjustable, you can adjust the dividers and add or remove bays as you see fit. We recommend that you start with one of our Starter Bays, which are available in number of different lengths.

Starter bays may include 30 or 60 compartments or no compartments at all. Our bolt rack with no compartments starter bay provides greater flexibility, allowing you to choose your dividers according to your preferences. Each level can hold a maximum of nine dividers. You may also purchase additional dividers individually as your needs change.

This high quality Powdercoat finish meets the demands of industrial workshops and features the standard Containit Solutions colour ensuring your complete fitout is uniform.

Long-lasting, convenient and cost-effective, the Storeman Easy Rack Bolt Storage Shelving is a great choice for your facility.

Need a quote

Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Qty
StoremanR Easy Rack Bolt Storage Shelving CEBR-30-SB 1065L x 435D x 2000 High
CEBR-30-AB 1015L x 435D x 2000 High
CEBR-60-SB 1065L x 435D x 2000 High
CEBR-60-AB 1015L x 435D x 2000 High
CEBR-0-SB 1065L x 435D x 2000 High
CEBR-0-AB 1015L x 435D x 2000 High
Optional Side Panels for Easy Rack Bolt Stoage Shelving CS2010-EP