Pallet Racking Drum Bund Pallet

Storing liquids in pallet racking can be unsafe and very messy if each pallet is not bunded. These solutions are a safe and easy solution for storage of drums in Standard Australian pallet racking. These bunds help prevent spills dripping down onto other pallets of stock, equipment, materials, tools or even people.

Metal bunds are ideal for bunding combustible liquids such as oil.

Poly bunds are ideal for containing many corrosive liquids such as batteries. An acid leak could cause severe damage to the integrity of the pallet racking structure!

Our pallet racking bunds fit standard Australian sizes pallets with drums. With this fantastic bunding solution available there’s no need to remain noncompliant! Call us today on 1300 603 110 to discuss the best solution for your bunding storage requirements.

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Capacity Qty
Pallet Racking Drum Bund Pallet CDRBP 1300W x 1300D x 260H 250L
Zinc Plated pallet racking drum bund C4DBP-Z 1240W x 1240D x 265H 245L