Outdoor Store for Class 8 Drums

Class 8 Corrosive Substances are dangerous products and it is critical they are stored correctly. Containit Solutions Class 8 Storage solutions meet Australian Standards 3780-2008. These quality dangerous goods stores make effective use of space and provide genuine environmental protection.

These DG stores can be repositioned (when empty) if your requirements change. Save the costs and hassle of building a fixed store and order a relocatable corrosive substances store. All stores include inbuilt Sump to Catch Spills, poly sump liner to protect against spills and a fibreglass grated floor.

If you’re storing class 8 substances such as acids, chlorides, hydroxides, sulfates etc. you need to store them according to Australian Standards. Don’t risk it, call today to get your 205L drum/44 gallon drum storage in order.

  • Include Poly Sumpliner and Fibreglass Floor
  • Safety & Warning Signage to suit Australian Standards 1940-2004
  • Doors fold back 270° for Easy Access
  • Lockable for Security
  • Lifting Lugs & forklift channels for easy relocation when empty

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Qty
Class 8, 1 IBC Store CRS01BB-8 2190H x 1540W x 1440mmD
Class 8, 2 IBC Store CRS02BB-8 1935H x 2790W x 1440mmD
Class 8, 4 IBC Store CRS04BB-8 3430H x 2790W x 1440mmD
Class 8, 6 IBC Store CRS06BB-8 3335H x 4115W x 1440mmD
Class 8, 8 IBC Store CRS08BB-8 3295H x 5365W x 1440mmD
Class 8, 10 IBC Store CRS10BB-8 3375H x 6740W x 1440mmD
Outdoor Dangerous Goods Store for Class 8 IBC’s CRS12BB-8 3360H x 7990W x 1440mmD