AHP Monkey Series – Own The High Ground

The Monkey AHP (adjustable height platform) series eliminates the need for multiple platforms and ladders. This unique series has revolutionised the access industry with adjustability, improved safety, increased stability and improved efficiency. Unlike some access solutions no harnesses is required for use on the AHP platforms.

This patented and industry leading adjustable height platform series provides a safe and productive alternative to traditional access platform options. This high quality series is a huge efficiency booster for maintenance and workshop style applications along with many other areas whilst providing huge safety benefits to the whole team. With 6 different height adjustments you can ensure precision access to your equipment and vehicle maintenance applications and save huge amounts of time in shutdowns and other routine maintenance applications whilst taking up minimum footprint. Talk to the team at Containit today about a lifetime investment in safety and productivity.

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Key features include:

  • Designed to AS/NZS 1576 (Light Duty). Australia and New Zealand.
  • Convenient solid rear gate
  • Self-closing full size front gate
  • Rapid spring-assisted adjustment
  • Anti-slip hi-vis treads
  • Stable work deck with tough oversize mast system and 250kg WLL
  • Forklift pockets
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Image Order Code Description Product Description Qty
CAHP-MBC For use as standard or with multiple optional accessories.
CAHP-M4B Allows easier manoeuvring around your workshop. For longer distance moves, use the
front wheel directional locks. When set to climb, just standing on the bottom tread auto
locks all 4 wheel brakes. Increases overall width to 1177mm and overall length to 2242mm.
CAHP-MAT This option allows you to work outdoors and off the hard stand. The 4 rubber wheels
allow movement around some uneven areas. It also has 4 independently adjustable jacks
that provide stability and the ability to level the unit on undulating sites.
CAHP-M4SE Additional height is gained through sub chassis extension kits. These fit easily with all
other base kits (4 wheels base + All Terrain) and the height adjusting ratchet is lowered
so it remains at a comfortable reach height.
CAHP-MECD Gives awesome reach capacity - up to 1.2m straight out! This ‘bolt on’ accessory (including
the neatly stowed counterweight system) creates an amazing long deck that noses right up
to that difficult job.
CAHP-MHK For use with the extended cantilever kit (due to the extra weight). Can also be used on
the standard unit for even easier operation.