9m Magnetic/Suction Mount Retractable Belt Barrier

This unique magnetic unit is designed to provide maximum flexibility with a magnetic clip on both the housing unit and the belt allowing easy repositioning. This unit also includes a suction attached for joining onto non magnetic surfaces. Ideal for use on pallet racking to close off aisles.

Retractable belt Safety barriers in workplaces are crucial for cordoning off areas of risk and a huge range of other applications such as picking stock from your warehouse racking.

This unique magnetic system is designed specifically for isolating picking areas in your warehouse aisles so forklift operators are aware that picking activity is in place. The heavy duty magnet in the main barrier housing clips onto the racking on one side of the aisle and the end of the belt has another heavy duty magnet to complete the barrier onto the racking on the other side of the aisle. Reducing human and forklift interaction is something that every workplace strives to achieve and the retractable belt barrier is a massive help in achieving this goal.

These retractable belt barrier also have a secondary securing method with suction mounting supplied to suit both the main housing unit and the end of the barrier tape. Supplied with black and yellow tape as standard we can customise for large production runs with red and white and other colour tapes available. The compact design of this magnetic belt barrier makes it both heavy duty for industrial applications and also suitable for minimising transport applications.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Containit team regarding your warehouse and workshop safety requirements.

  • Ideal for closing off warehouse isles

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9m Magnetic/Suction Mount Retractable Belt Barrier CRBMGS