AHP Giraffe Series – Own The High Ground

The Giraffe AHP (adjustable height platform) series eliminates the need for multiple platforms and ladders. This unique series has revolutionised the access industry with adjustability, improved safety, increased stability and improved efficiency. Unlike some access solutions no harnesses is required for use on the AHP platforms.

This patented adjustable access platform series provide height adjustable stair access that all safe and easy access to a huge range of applications and in the process allows huge efficiency and consolidation gains. With just a single access platform you can reduce changeout time in shutdowns, routine maintenance applications and ensure maximum safety in the process. Allowing over 1350mm in height adjustment the double action hydraulic ram system allowing precision access to your equipment whilst taking up minimum footprint. Talk to the team at Containit today about a lifetime investment in safety and productivity.

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Key features include:

  • Designed to AS/NZS 1576 (Light Duty). Australia and New Zealand
  • Three gate access
  • Anti-sway platform locks
  • Hydraulic safety valve
  • Firm safety bar
  • Forklift pockets
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Image Order Code Description Product Description Specifications Qty
CAHP-GBU For use as standard or with multiple optional accessories.
CAHP-GSD Allow you to reach out up to 2.9m horizontally over an obstacle,
even with a 150Kg loading.
150mm above set deck height of the giraffe.
1400mm extension length.
5851mm overall length when fitted.
CAHP-GHD Allows 2 workers to complete tasks side by side. 200kg capacity.
Includes side gates and individually removable front facing gates.
1900mm overall width.
1800mm platform width.
CAHP-G9AD Allows parallel access to your work project with deck facing
90 degrees to main unit. 150Kg capacity.
2700mm overall width.
1948mm platform width.
CAHP-G1SE Retrofittable 1 step extension.
Adds extra 225mm height to standard unit.
Deck Height from 1800 to 3150mm.
4720L x 1456mmW when fitted.
CAHP-G2SE Retrofittable 2 step extension.
Adds extra 450mm height to standard unit.
Deck Height from 2025 to 3375mm.
4945L x 1456mmW when fitted.
CAHP-G4SE Retrofittable 4 step extension sub chassis.
Adds extra 900mm height to standard unit.
Deck Height from 2475 to 3825mm.
5395L x 1900mmW when fitted
CAHP-G8SE Retrofittable 4 step extension.
Adds extra 1800mm height to standard unit.
Deck Height from 3375 to 4725mm.
7270L x 2500mmW when fitted