Metal 1 x 1000L IBC Bund Pallet

These zinc plated bunds are designed for storage of 1000L IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers). These metal units are zinc plated and are suitable for catching liquids such as oils and some combustible liquids. These single IBC bunds help prevent messy and costly spills and help prevent harm to people, the environment and property.

When storing IBC’s outdoors in a non-covered area it is important you remember that when it rains the bund will catch the rainwater. Over time the bund will become full of water leaving no room for catching liquid spills. By utilising our weather covers you can prevent the bund from filling up with rainwater!

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Capacity Qty
Galvanized 1 x 1000L IBC Bund Pallet CIBCB1-Z 1320W x 1200D x 760H 1100L
PVC weathercover with frame & zips – Suits CIBCB1-Z CBCB1-Z 1700 High (+ bund)
Flexible PVC weathercover – Suits CBCB1-G CFBC1-G