Extra Large Class 3 Flammable Liquids Cabinets

An extra-large flammable liquid cabinet is designed for the safe and compliant storage of class 3 flammable liquids. These cabinets are ideal for the storage of bulk quantities of class 3 liquids. Whilst compliance with Australian standards can seem hard and tedious the team at Containit is here to work through your specific application to help you become compliant. We have a huge range of sizes including the extra-large capacity cabinets and other sizes such as 30L, 60L, 100L, 160L, and the popular 250L flammable liquid storage cabinet.

These cabinets include all the features required to exceed the Australian standards AS1940-2017 for a compliant class 3 cabinet including sequentially self-closing & latching doors, double-walled sheet construction with a 40mm thermic air barrier, liquid-tight sump to contain spills, built-in flash arrestors, and vent openings (for mechanical ventilation systems) and correct safety signage. Other features include adjustable shelves with 100mm increments, perforated shelves for free air movement, quality Powdercoat finish, and the doors have a stainless steel pin with continuous hinging.

Whilst safe storage of flammable liquids such as paints and thinners is crucial for compliance with both workplace safety and insurance compliance they also help provide a safe workplace so that your staff and the environment are well looked after. Whilst these high-quality cabinets meet Australian standards it’s also important to comply with your local council regulations in relation to your approved storage of DG quantities and Australian standards in relation to your total available floor space.

Although flammable gas class 2.1 has a red diamond too, they are not suitable to be stored in a flammable liquid storage cabinet and must be stored in an aerosol storage can cabinet with correct airflow, hole sizes, and signage.

This high-quality range of Large Capacity Safety Cabinets had been designed for situations where high storage volumes are required. These Large Capacity Safety Cabinets exceed compliance requirements by a substantial amount with much heavier materials than required. Standard features include: Standard features include:

  • Exceed Australian standard AS1940
  • Patented sequentially self-closing and latching doors
  • Venting option with built-in flash arrestors
  • Adjustable shelving heights
  • Unique spark-proof, self-latching locking system with lockable handle
  • Drain plug to sump for safe disposal of spills

Whether you need a storage solution for class 3 flammable liquids, Class 5.1 Oxidising Agents, Class 5.2 Organic Peroxides, Class 6 Toxic Substances or Class 8 Corrosive Substances Containit Solutions can provide a high quality solution that complies with and exceeds Australian Standard AS1940.

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) Shelves (Including base) Qty
extra large capacity premium heavy duty safety cabinets - CXSC251SS CXSC251SS 806W x 804D x 1880H 3
extra large capacity premium heavy duty safety cabinets CXSC450SS CXSC450SS 1386W x 804D x 1880H 6
Extra large capacity premium heavy duty safety cabinets - CXSC650SS CXSC650SS 1986W x 804D x 1880H 4
Extra large capacity premium heavy duty safety cabinets- dg019 CXSC850SS 2584W x 804D x 1880H 6
Extra large capacity premium heavy duty safety cabinets - dg020 CXSC1000SS 1384W x 1386D x 1610H 2