Drum Secure Pallet System

This patented drum secure pallet system is another of our world first designs. The problem of securing drums on pallets and the time consuming strapping process every time 1 drum is pulled off a pallet has now been solved!
This heavy duty unit is extremely stable and can safely store and transport from 1-4 x 205L Drums at a time. The safety straps are easy to tighten and undo and ensure that the drums are safely secured.

  • Easy to Strap & Unstrap Drums
  • Powdercoat Finish
  • Available with or without a hardwood pallet
  • Heavy Duty stable design
  • Eliminates drum strapping & wrapping issues

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Image Order Code Description Qty
Drum Secure Pallet System (with no x 205L Drums) C4DPH-TP