Double Size Half Height Collapsible Mesh Cage

Our Double Size Collapsible half height mesh cages have been designed for smart storage and efficient use of space. Long and low items have previously been challenging for warehouses to store safely but with these collapsible double cages that issue is now resolved. These cages include our unique world first positive locking base design which ensure extra safe storage on pallet racking. The positive lock design is critical to safe storage on Australian Standard pallet racking. The anti-tipping bars are a feature that helps prevent the cage from being able to slide of tip of the forklift. This safety feature is critical for both movement around your workplace, for loading onto trucks and for when loading into your storage racks.

Both the front and rear gates are fully removeable allowing access for loading and unloading. Packing and handling of materials, equipment, tools, stock, job kits etc is a potential safety risk that is reduced through the use of these double stillage cages.

This mesh cage also allows for outdoor storage with the optional lockable lids and the PVC weather covers. This option is ideal for long term storage solutions, drop point locations, site storage or if your warehouse is short on storage space.

Transport of equipment in stock is not only safe then stetch wrapping your products is also much more efficient, saving your warehouse team time that they can then invest into other improvement projects. The environmental benefit of these cages is that you can also reduce your single use plastics usage in your logistics operations.

These collapsible mesh cages provide time savings versus knockdown pallet cages and can be assembled in seconds ensuring maximum efficiency. By being able to collapse these away quickly they can be folded away and stacked up to ensure you get the best use of your warehouse space.

  • Stackable Collapsed or Assembled
  • Pallet Rack Safe – Unique Positive Locking Base Design
  • Collapse/Assemble in seconds
  • 4 Way forklift access & pallet truck entry
  • Anti-tip base design
  • Fully removable front and rear gates
  • Zinc plated finish

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Image Order Code Description Dimensions (mm) SWL (UDL) Qty
Double Size Half Height Collapsible Mesh Cage CMSC-2200-5 2200 x 1158 x 635mm High 1050Kg stacked 4 high
CMSC-2200 with lid CMSC-2200-LID