Pallet Cages and Stillage Systems

Containit Solutions is Australia’s leading supplier of pallet cages and stillage cage systems. Pallet cages and stillage cage systems are used to improve storage, increase efficiency, help maintain lean processes and reduce workplace safety issues. Containit Solutions have Steel Cages, Pallet Cages and Stillage Systems solutions for every application including; Transport, Storage on indoor and outdoor Pallet Racking, stacking in warehouse workshop and storage facilities, warehousing, long term storage, storage of spares stock and parts and many other applications.


Full Height Collapsible Pallet Cage

Heavy Duty Collapsible Pallet Cages

This Heavy Duty Collapsible Pallet Cage is designed for transport, warehousing and storage applications. Our easy to use Collapsible Pallet Cage collapses quickly and easily, saving space and slashing transport costs. Its excellent collapsing ratio allows maximum space saving and slashes freight costs. The front and rear gates on the pallet cages can easily be removed assisting in safe work practices. For more information and quotes on our Heavy Duty Collapsible Pallet Cages click here


Single Size Full Height Transport Cage

Transport Pallet Cages

The Transport Pallet Cages from Containit Solutions is a premium range of pallet cages. The Extra Heavy Duty Design ensures these pallet cages can stand up the bumps, knocks and the stacking and lifting cycles found in transport and warehousing environments. These transport pallet cages also include Containit Solutions world first unique pallet racking base design. For more information and quotes on our Transport Pallet Cages click here


800mm High Multi-Purpose Pallet Cage with sheet floor

Multi-Purpose Pallet Cages

Our popular Multi-Purpose pallet cages are designed for efficient warehouse and workshop storage but are also used for transport and many other storage applications. These pallet cages are pallet rack safe and very easy to access with a front folding gate and a rear swing gate. Multi-Purpose Pallet Cages are perfect for storing pipe fittings, cartons, stock, valves, tools, motors etc. For more information and quotes on our Multi-Purpose Pallet Cages click here


800mm High Easy Store Pallet CageEasy Store Pallet Cages

Easy Storage Pallet Cages range consist of a Heavy Duty Metal Cage bolted to an 8 Board Hardwood Timber Pallet ensuring these pallet cages are ideal for long term use. These pallet storage cages are stackable, pallet rack safe and very easy to access. Fantastic for general warehouse storage, storage of materials in workshops and many other storage applications where efficiency is required. For more information and quotes on our Easy Store Pallet Cages click here


Pallet Retainers, Pallet CollarsPallet Retainers

Timber Pallet Retainers are a safe, environmentally friendly and economical storage solution for containing goods on pallets. The pallet retainer’s unique bracket system allows you to simply add levels to suit your storage requirements. These easy to use pallet collars suit standard Aus pallets and are also available with dividers to suit your needs. Pallet Collars are ideal for helping prevent goods falling off pallets in your pallet racking.For more information and quotes on our Pallet Retainers click here


Product Range of Pallet Cages and Stillage Cages

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Containit Solutions range includes Collapsible Pallet Cages and Stillages, Transport Pallet Cages and Stillages, Storage Pallet Cages and Stillages, Metal Pallet Cages and Stillages, Pallet Cages and Stillages on Timber Pallets, Plastic and Poly Pallet Boxes, Collapsible Plastic Pallet Boxes, Weatherproof Transport Pallet Storage Boxes, Lockable Weatherproof Site Storage Boxes, Heavy Duty Steel Pallets, Heavy Duty Plastic PalletsCraneable Cages and Lifting Cages and Stillages.