Mobile Field Maintenance Oil Storage Bunding Systems

Compliant oil storage is critical for every workplace to help protect the environment and to comply with Australian standards and other safety regulations. Storage of combustible liquids including oil storage relates to Australian Standards AS1940:2017. Whether you’re storing small or large quantities of oil, compliant storage is critical.

Oil is supplied in various drum and container sizes including 20L, 205L, and 1000 IBCs’. Containit Solutions offers storage solutions for each of these types of containers. Bunded oil storage shelving is ideal for the storage of 20L drums with up to 48 x 20L drums able to be stored per bay. This is available in both a lockable bunded shelving unit and a non-caged unit. For 205L drums/44-gallon drums there is options for both floor bunding and storage of drums in pallet racking. IBC bunds are available in multiple sizes, both single and double IBC bund options. We also have weather covers, splash guards. Poly bunding is also available for compliance to AS3780:2008.

To be compliant with Australian standards most bunding is required to have a capacity of 110% of the stored liquid or 25% of the aggregate total liquid – whichever of the 2 is greater. Following Australian standards for oil storage is not only a requirement for compliance, it’s proven best practice to ensure that your workshop, warehouse, distribution centre or construction site is kept free from oil spills which are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to clean up.

There are many hazards in workplaces and in transport that have the potential to cause a drum or bund to leak, such as forklift collision with the container. By purchasing oil storage systems you are ensuring that you’ve taken a practical and critical step in protecting the environment, complying with legislation and helping to provide a safer workplace for your staff and customers.