IBC Bunding and Storage Solutions

Moving and keeping containers of hazardous chemicals can be a high-risk activity, especially when leaks are involved. Equipment failure, punctured drums or even a moment of lost concentration could lead to serious incidents that could cause injuries and result in investigations by authorities.

When dealing with oil and chemicals, you need to capture and contain a leak immediately, so that you address the spill as soon as it occurs. If you’re looking for the perfect solution, you’ll need a spill pallet.

Understanding the inner workings

A spill pallet is a structural foundation that was designed with an internal storage space that captures leaks and spills from chemical drums. Spill pallets protect your business from the damaging consequences of a chemical spill. They are considered the first line of defense to contain spills before they spread. When you capture a spill, you eliminate the costs of expensive clean ups and you also mitigate the impact on the environment.

According to Australia regulations, a spill pallet should be able to capture 110 per cent of the capacity of the biggest container that it can carry. This should make it a reliable spill solution during an emergency.

When and where spill pallets are appropriate to use

If you’re constantly transporting and rearranging oil and chemical containers onsite, you should have a spill pallet.

Warehouses are among the most major users of spill pallets. Because they often deal with an array of products such as dangerous liquids, spill pallets have become part of their daily operations. The nature of warehouse activity involves constantly moving, dispatching and receiving items.

Forklifts are standard equipment for carrying chemical drums and could put containers at risk of spillage. Spill pallets serve as a safety net for any spill or leak that may occur throughout the day.

Aside from warehousing and storage facilities, other industries that commonly use spill pallets include:

  • Temporary work locations
  • Remote build pads
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Mining and exploration sites

Whatever industry you’re from, having a spill pallet helps you control leaks and spills before an incident escalates.

Containit Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of IBC Bunding and Storage Solutions. We provide excellent liquid storage and spill containment solutions so that you minimise safety risks in your facility. Our range of bunding includes metal and polyethylene bunding and weather covers for outdoor storage.

IBC Bund Pallets

Our range of bunding includes metal and poly (polyethylene) bunding and weathercovers for indoor and outdoor storage. When it comes to bunding of IBC’s (also known as pods, bulki’s and bulkibox’s) Containit Solutions are Australia’s experts for bunded pallets, spill pallets, bunding solutions, spill management solutions and a wide range of dangerous goods storage solutions. For more information and quotes, please see our range of IBC Bund Pallets.



Drum Bunding

Our range of bund pallets includes both indoor and outdoor bunding solutions ensuring your needs will be met whatever the requirement. Spill pallets for 205 Litre drums and 44 gallon drums are a must have to prevent spillage into the environment. Containit Solutions range of bunded drum pallets helps you comply with Australian Standards. Containit Solutions economical bunded pallets help make your workplace safer and more risk free. For more information and quotes on our range of IBC Bund Pallets please click here



Dangerous Goods Stores for 1000L IBC’s & 205L Drums

These Outdoor Dangerous Goods stores have been designed for compliant storage of 1000L IBC’s. These quality units make effective use of space and provide genuine environmental protection. These dangerous goods stores comply with Australian standards and can be repositioned (when empty) if your requirements change. Containit Solutions dangerous goods stores can store from 1 IBC up to 32 IBC’s. For more information and quotes on our Dangerous Good Stores please click here




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