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Storeman® Longspan with Plastic Buckets

There is a better and more secure way of storing boxes of goods in a warehouse or workshop. Longspan shelving, for instance, is one of the most versatile and effective storage systems. Designed with strength and durability, this shelving system can support the heavy weight of goods. It includes space-saving features that are ideal for warehouses and workshops of any size.

Strength and Organisation Combined
Containit Solutions is the leading supplier of industrial storage solutions in Australia. We carry a full selection of Storeman® Longspan with plastic buckets. More than strength and durability, however, it offers better organisation of parts because of its array of bucket shelves. You can arrange tools, parts, and other goods more efficiently. The bucket shelving will also allow you to monitor all the things in the warehouse as you can easily label each bucket. These buckets are made of plastic so you don’t need to worry about moisture and other related issues.

Extensive Selection
We offer a full selection of Storeman® Longspan with plastic buckets. This product is available in different sizes, heights, and the number or size of buckets or lid containers. All of them have quality powder-coated finish and they come with assembled end frames for easy installation. Ideal for the shelving of industrial parts and other small goods, the product is a must-have in any kind of warehouse or workshop.

Streamlined Purchase
As customers are on top of our priorities, we match our quality Longspan shelving products with a streamlined purchase process for your convenience. We have an array of online catalogues, including one for the Storeman® collection. You can simply browse this page to find the shelving perfect for your needs. Once you find the product you wish to buy, just follow our four-step quote request. You will receive all the information about the item, including price and other specifications, within one business day after the request. We complement this quote request method with experienced sales representatives who will guide you through the entire process to ensure the suitability of the product.

It is our goal to help warehouses and workplaces gain easy access to a range of storage solutions. As our tagline says, we will make it easy for you. Call us if you have questions or just browse our catalogue and product pages to find the right Longspan shelving for your place.