Containit Solutions is a leading Australian supplier of Bunding and Spill Containment solutions. Protecting our environment is very important and our range of products helps make it easy for you to keep the environment clean.

Containit Solutions Bunding and Spill Containment range includes; Drum Spill Pallets, IBC spill pallets, Drum Bunding, IBC Bunding, Pallet Racking Bund Pallets, Low Profile Bunding, Lockable Bunding and Spill Pallets, Bunded Shelving, Portable Bunding, Collapsible Bunding, Flexible Drive Over Bunding, Drum Dispensing Systems, Chemical Spill Kits, Oil and Fuel Spill Kits, Universal Spill Kits, Marine Spill Kits, Marine Booms, Spill Absorbents and more.

If you are in Australia, Containit Solutions can assist with your Bunding and Spill Containment requirements.